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    work description itoons/snap2play 2000-2007:
    -Worked for iToons/snap2play producing web and CD-based game sprites in Illustrator and photoshop for export in Adobe Flash.
    -keying and animating Flash based web cartoons in Flash from Illustrator using source or otherwise.
    -penciling storyboards, for web based games/web based animation.
    -collaborated in character and game concepts and design.

    unlisted projects pre 2007 include:
    art and animation for Edgar & Ellen desktop toy.
    sprites created in Adobe Illustrator for export into flash for animation.

    IP’S include:
    Rocket Power
    Invader Zim
    General Mills
    Big Idea
    Who the Hex
    multiple itoons/snap2play IP’s

    Early Digital art for various publications including art for:
    Antarctic Press

    vunlisted in this portfoliov

    work description Senario LLC 2007-2008:
    character designs for children’s coloring pages based on pre determined ideas. This included penciled drawings which were then vectored and finished.

    Character designs for a digital game This including penciled drawings to be vectored or inked.

    Comic based on the Transformers IP. Work on this included following as prescribed: storyboard drafted in pencil, vectors completed in Illustrator.

    pre 2007 include:
    Jelly Belly desktop toy.
    sprites created in Adobe Illustrator for export into flash for animation

    personal projects include:
    multiple KISS related doll sets.
    creating casting figures for casting in silicone and urethane rubbers.

    original character concepts

    download AI file

    Morton Salt girl vs Cap'n Crunch


    t-shirt design

    Draft’s and various vectored BG’s 2005

    comic concept work 2005

    Various anime and game character one off’s.

    Princess Peach mugen video
    Princess Peach splash for M.U.G.E.N game engine.


    Background study, Adobe illustrator


    Magic realism?


    UT character design

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