new sculpts

Well here’s a peek at Penny of “Inspector Gadget” (1/6 scale) which is part of the “sneaker” series I’m making. This fig is sculpted using Super Sculpey.

“sneaker” series includes Sally Acorn and Velma Dinkley

sometimes using primer or base paint on a figure  (depending on the material)
is good for spotting defects in sanded areas.

Super Sculpey is pretty good when it comes to producing organic features e.g head sculpts and  textured elements e.g clothing but if your model has lots of streamed lines such as lengths of hair fabric or anything that has flowing or linear features I use automotive putty. Automotive putty produces  a surface more even when sanded  its less brittle at edges  (and is even slightly flexible,  good for thin areas or those areas of “flow” I mentioned. This particular one I made before I discovered the joys of putty.

“Agatha ” is here too 🙂

what’s wrong with this picture? Microsoft’s impressions

Seriously, Microsoft’s “”  Shopping engine is quite flawed.  Searching  for a “kouhime” ( Sengoku Rance)  pvc  proved interesting. I would have  been satisfied with few outdated links than nothing at all,  even the category bar to the left  which was suppose to provide you with refined information was useless.  Searches for other pvc figures yielded similar results.




Though Bing’s general search produces some relevant results,  it’s other “features” are generally useless to me.  Casual user’s may like it, but it’s pretty much low on frills for me.

verdict: If you are a horse with blinders  or in the market for some pvc pipes  “Bing” is king.

mugen update

added a few new moves, swapped out a bunch of art, still not finalized yet but you can still try it out the betav2HERE
Princess peach UPDATED

:added a couple new moves throw/push vegetable toss expanded the punch and kick animations replaced a lot of placeholder art

:bomb now damages p1, one reason I didn’t place the bomb in the foreground was because Peachs dress clips the ground plane making it look awkward.

:addressed many of the super move issues still I know I probably missed a few ,still don’t understand much what triggers do for them.

:general cleanup of existing attacks

: consolidated the Daisy attacks into one attack, but still Daisy doesn’t have as large a role as I would like, hopefully I can focus on that next release.

:considering she’s not a martial arts expert I’m trying to reason with myself why some of the attacks still don’t feel organic, I’m going to take another look at this.

I simplified the control scheme for the sake of test

“firepower” DF, F, a / DF, F, b

“rampage” a+b

“maximenpointe” x+y

“maximspin” c+z

“DAISY DASH” DB, B, a / DB, B, b

“veggies” D,D,U

“BITE ME” x,x,x,x


“Bobombdrop” F,a

“koopa kick” D,U

“Turnip_power” ~D, DF, F, y /~D, DF, F, x

Peach beta for mugen

Because I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. there plenty of problems with this

Daisy’s attacks are not very dynamic yet or work too well nor does the super bar usage for them. The palette gets wacky occasionally and some sprites and sounds are placeholder, the execution  of some attacks seem slow so I’ll have to look into that,   in any case . grab it here a new build will be available soon.

I don’t know what I can fix, but I’ll see what I can do.